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Índios dos EUA

1867 North Dakota Indian War Scene

Anasazi Ancient Cave Dwellings on the McElmo

Anasazi Indians Cliff Dwellings in Southern Colorado

Anasazi- Restored Tower and Cliff Houses


Dakota Sioux Playing the Game of Plum Stones

dakota-indians - Portrait of Siha Han Ska (Long Foot) in Partial Native Dress with Headress and Ornaments and Holding Pipe Tomahawk - 1867


dakota-indians-3 Dakota Indians Fish Hook - Sioux Chief

iroqueses - Indios norteamericanos durante la Danza del Búfalo - pintura de George Catlin de 1832

Mic Mac Indians near Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1812

micmac indians 1920 NS Museum of Cultural History

Micmac Indians at Shubenacadie Reservation, Hants Co., N.S., June 1927

Micmac Indians, painting by an anonymous artist, circa 1820



Tlingit girls from Cooper River, Alaska, were photographed in 1903.




Alver Tait - Carver

Bear Bull - Blackfoot - Edward S Curtis 1910

Chief Khat-la-cha (kind heart) Squamish Chief

CROW DOG Sunka Kangi - Brule Sioux Chief (1832-1918) - Edward S Curtis 1904

GALL Pizi - Hunkpapa Sioux Chief (1838-1894) - David F Barry 1881

GERONIMO ou Goyahkla - Chirichua Apache Chief (1829-1909) - led his band against forces of the US Army for 18 years and finally surrendered to Gen Nelson Miles on September 4 1886 - Ben Wittick1885

GITXSAN TOTEM POLES in Kitwancool, G.T. Emmons photo, 1910, Photograghy Collection´´ University of Washington Library

MANY ARROWS, Navajo Warrior - adam clark vroman 1903

RED HORSE Tasunke Luta - Sioux Chief - David F Barry 1883

SHOT IN HAND Maohpish - Apsaroke Warrior (Mountain Crow - nascido em 1841) - Edward SCurtis 1908

THE MEDICINE MAN, Slow Bull, Oglala Sioux - edward s curtis 1907

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